Miracle Recovery For A Young Parkinsonism Patient!

For last 12-13 years, I have been working to develop assistive devices to help persons with severe disability. ( https://ranjan.in/ict-based-assistive-technology-to-help-persons-with-severe-disability-national-science-day-2017niscair/) During this phase I came across many with very difficult conditions and slowly I started to take interest in human health. in 2012, I had pain due to Gallstone and I came across a technique to remove Gallstones without surgery. I have written  a blog on this process – Liver/Gall Bladder Cleanse Process Based On Andreas Moritz Book

After being successful, I went through the book more carefully and started to get a feel of Indian traditional knowledge of Healthcare. With this knowledge, I could help many people, who had lost hope otherwise. I also suffered from skin problem “Psoriasis” and recently found way to cure it to large extent. I have written a blog on this too – Hope For Psoriasis (And Possibly Other Skins Issues E.G. Vitiligo/Leucoderma, Eczema Etc)? . Since writing of blog, I am getting reports of many patients being helped through this process.

Based on these experiences and further reading, I have feeling that many chronic health problems could be helped by focussing on the following few points:

  1. Taking care of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency
  2. Detoxification of body organs such as Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney and Colon.
  3. Condition of Gut
  4. Balancing of Gut Microbes

I am trying to work out more details of these with the help of my colleagues and other collaborators. In the mean time, I wanted to share a happy news about a lady in 40s, who is suffering from Parkinsonism at a very young age. I am sharing her version here:

“I got diagnosed with dreadful Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40 years, which I had never heard! Parkinsonism at the age of 40 had gone unnoticed for almost 7yrs. After three years of struggle to accept it & after going through various medications (as a guinea pig) with no success, I decided to take charge of my overall well being. During this journey I got in touch with a true angel Prof. Prabhat Ranjan. Prof Ranjan was formerly Executive Director of TIFAC from 2013-18. TIFAC is an autonomous body of DST, Govt of India and organizes KIRAN-IPR program of DST. I underwent training through this program for one year to become a Patent Professional. Prof Ranjan had talked to us trainees about his help to persons with severe disability and other persons. He has a holistic approach to deal with chronic illnesses & himself cured his own health issues with this approach (His blog https://ranjan.in)

He gave me few references to read about different approaches being tried elsewhere to deal with this Neurological Disorder & to understand underlying physiology in relation to this health issue. With multiple discussions & his own experiences we started to work firstly on overall body detoxification (kidney, liver, colon, etc), followed by fulfilling micronutrients deficiency & not to forget his continuous encouragement and support to have a positive mindset boosted my confidence then miracle started happening. Earlier I had almost lost my ability to write, drive, perform daily chores. With perseverance & dedication now I am moving at least although with slight difficulty. Still everyday is a struggle right from morning stiffness, muscle aches, fluctuating energy levels, fatigue, tremors, movement disorders but I am in much better situation right now as compared to 2-3 years back when I was quite dependent on my closed ones to a large extent. Of course I am on limited medications now & more on drastic lifestyle change, definitely for betterment. This has made a complete change in the way I am looking at life now.

Ranjan Sir’s approach is truly life saver for me & many others. No words to express my gratitude !”

Author: Prabhat Ranjan

Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor, D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune. He was heading India's Technology Think Tank, TIFAC(tifac.org.in) as its Executive Director since April 2013 to April 2018. Earlier he was Professor at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute for Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar (DA-IICT) since 2002. He was educated in Netarhat School(near Ranchi), IIT Kharagpur and Delhi University. He received his Ph D from University of California, Berkeley where he carried our research on “Nuclear Fusion” at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory during 1983-86. He immediately returned to India after this and carried out research in Nuclear Fusion area at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta and Institute for Plasma Research(IPR), Gandhinagar. He played a major role in India’s Nuclear Fusion program and was Project Leader of the largest operational Indian Fusion Reactor, ADITYA, at Institute for Plasma Research from 1996-2002. His current interests include applications of Wireless Sensor Network to Wildlife, Planetary Exploration (Chandrayaan mission), Nuclear Fusion, Healthcare, Agriculture etc. He has received National Science Talent Search Award, IBM Faculty Innovation Grant and HP Innovate 2009 award, NPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design Award 2012, Bihar Gaurav Samman 2012 etc. In March 2022, he was also honored with EduStar India’s Most Impactful Vice Chancellor Award for 2021-22. He has been recognized by outlook among few visionaries, who can lead India towards 5 Trillion Dollar Economy. He has been also honoured with Maharashtra Ratna Gaurav Puraskar by Shalini Foundation in 2024. He is also recognized among the top “100 Great IITians : Dedicated to the Service of the Nation”.

13 thoughts on “Miracle Recovery For A Young Parkinsonism Patient!”

  1. Dr Ranjan, you are a true genious, compassionate, rendering a helping hand to those who are in need. Worse becomes better and better becomes best because of people like you. Keep up the good work Sir!

  2. The efforts in helping people with medical issues are appreciated. The approach is certainly unique and praiseworthy.

  3. U r a true gem sir .
    Plz share link where we can see all such treatments.

  4. One more Success Over impossible task of the mankind. Another very important contribution and ray of light. Great achievement.

  5. Sir,
    It is insightful to read your blog. The one on Parkinson’s disease particularly interested me as my late grandfather, Chakradhar Choudhary, was suffering from it for a very long time. A senior bureaucrat under GoB , the disease took a toll on his health , during final years of his life he had tremors including difficulty in movements etc. I wish he had known about the remedial measures.

  6. Sorry to hear that your grandfather could not be helped. However it is our duty to help those who need help now by spreading the message. In this case, it is still miracle for me since I do not understand how it is helping her.

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