Liver/Gall bladder cleanse process based on Andreas Moritz Book

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

I had used this process to remove Gallstones during 2012-13 without any surgery needed. After going through the book carefully, I found that it is useful for so many health conditions that everyone should do this. I am attaching a list of various ailments in which it seems to help towards end of blog.

Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing based on book “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse by Andreas Moritz

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush
Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

(Note : You should not use Apple Juice if you are diabetic. You would need to substitute it with Malic Acid. (See details at later part of the blog). In addition, if you have any other major health issues, be sure to read the original book and this note is not a substitute for the book. Many persons keep asking me about the process in a short form, so I have prepared this note – Prabhat Ranjan)

Ingredients needed

Apple Juice – 6 x 1 Liter (Tropicana or Real would do)

Virgin olive oil(cold pressed) – 250 ml

Epsom Salt – 4 Table Spoon ( You would need minimum of about 50 gms. You can get this in medical shops by name of Magnesium Sulfate – You can also get it from school/college laboratory suppliers but it should be pure – called LR grade, Make sure it is not Industrial Grade, which may be supplied for bath purpose etc. ). Price of 20 gm pack is about Rs 13 in Delhi. So if you get much cheaper than this, be careful to check that it is for oral intake.

6-8 Fresh Lemon
2-3 Orange/Kino or any other citrus fruit
Note that book mentions grapefruit as one of the alternatives but it is not “grape (angoor)”.

Monday to Friday (day 1 to 5)

(Eat decent meal – not too fatty , avoid non veg , cold food etc , avoid medicines which are not essential)

9.00 AM – Breakfast

11.00 AM to 1 PM – Finish ½ liter Apple Juice (sip it slowly to finish roughly 2 glasses in 2 hours – do not drink it fast)

1.30 PM – Lunch

3.30 PM to 5.30 PM – ½ liter Apple Juice (sip it slowly to finish roughly 2 glasses in 2 hours – do not drink it fast)

After 6 PM Have dinner as usual

Substitute Cranberry Juice on one of the days, if you can.

Saturday (day 6)

Skip Breakfast

9 to 11 AM – Finish 1 liter Apple Juice

By 1.30 PM – Finish light lunch of plain Basmati Rice + Boiled Vegetable

+ Add rock salt (optional) (No fat or protein)

No Juice / Food after this (water can be taken)

Epsom salt drink – Mix 4 table spoon in 700 ml water – Divide in 4 glasses.(Please use measuring spoon and cup to make sure you have correct measurements.)

6 PM – Take 1 glass Epsom salt drink(1st)

8 PM – Take1 glass Epsom salt drink(2nd)

10 PM – ½ cup virgin olive oil(cold pressed) + ¾ cup fresh orange and lemon juice mix

Mix vigorously in a closed jar so that it becomes thin. Do not try to mix with spoon as it would not mix properly, it needs to be vigorous!

Drink it all in one go while  standing. Immediately lie down on bed with head high compared to stomach (use two pillows)

Do not move for 20 minutes or talk etc.

After this you can sleep in normal way

Sunday (day 7)

6 AM – Take one glass Epsom salt drink(3rd)

8 AM – Take one glass Epsom salt drink (4th)

10 AM – Start fresh fruit, Fruit juice, Light lunch etc.

Diarrhea would start in morning(some times could start earlier in night) and stop by afternoon or evening . Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated through this to avoid dehydration. You may feel bit weak for next couple of days due to loss of fluid. Your first round of cleanse is over!!!

You need to repeat this process at one month interval(not before that!) and continue till you find that nothing is coming out. After that do this process once in 6-8 months to keep liver clean.

For diabetic patients

You need to buy malic acid powder. On Amazon, you can get it at:

Author: Prabhat Ranjan

Prof. Prabhat Ranjan is Vice Chancellor, D Y Patil International University, Akurdi, Pune. He was heading India's Technology Think Tank, TIFAC( as its Executive Director since April 2013 to April 2018. Earlier he was Professor at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute for Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar (DA-IICT) since 2002. He was educated in Netarhat School(near Ranchi), IIT Kharagpur and Delhi University. He received his Ph D from University of California, Berkeley where he carried our research on “Nuclear Fusion” at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory during 1983-86. He immediately returned to India after this and carried out research in Nuclear Fusion area at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta and Institute for Plasma Research(IPR), Gandhinagar. He played a major role in India’s Nuclear Fusion program and was Project Leader of the largest operational Indian Fusion Reactor, ADITYA, at Institute for Plasma Research from 1996-2002. His current interests include applications of Wireless Sensor Network to Wildlife, Planetary Exploration (Chandrayaan mission), Nuclear Fusion, Healthcare, Agriculture etc. He has received National Science Talent Search Award, IBM Faculty Innovation Grant and HP Innovate 2009 award, NPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design Award 2012, Bihar Gaurav Samman 2012 etc. In March 2022, he was also honored with EduStar India’s Most Impactful Vice Chancellor Award for 2021-22. He has been recognized by outlook among few visionaries, who can lead India towards 5 Trillion Dollar Economy. He has been also honoured with Maharashtra Ratna Gaurav Puraskar by Shalini Foundation in 2024. He is also recognized among the top “100 Great IITians : Dedicated to the Service of the Nation”.

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  1. If in powder form, mix 1/2-1 tsp in 1 liter water and drink similar to apple juice. If in capsule form mix 1500-3000 mg in 1 liter water. Be sure to rinse your mouth out after each drink as it is corrosive to the enamel of the teeth.

  2. Sir I have a few clarifications:
    1. Instead of real/tropicana juice, can we have fresh apple juice made at home?
    2. I have 13mm stone. Is it safe? As im scared it may get stuck in the bile duct.
    3. Is colonics a must?
    Thanks in advance Sir

  3. Sir ,in Google search it shows soap stone ,not real one, please write your don’t miss pls.

  4. Sir ,Some site like mayco writes that the flushed stones r not really gallstones but olive oils consuntrated form .and r soften than real,pls.write if flushed stones r really proven by path.test

  5. One can do an ultrasound to check if stones are gone. Most people do that to verify. I have seen some of those comments too but sometimes even before taking olive oil, one passes those greenish stones.

  6. Sir I hv done my first cleanse a week before for my gallbladder stones . Kindly assure me sir,hv u experienced any ultrasound report of any patient who has cured his gallstones by flushing process.Such a great scholar like u if certify means I may assure myself.Thanks sir with deep respect.

  7. This process I had followed personally for my own gallstone issue in 2012. I did Ultrasound after four rounds of cleanse and the stones were gone! Doctors were surprised too. Many others have also done and seen the same. You do need to repeat it a few times as per the book since it may not come out in one flush. You need to carry it out at intervals of four weeks till everything is clean.

  8. Thanks a lot sir,to clear my confusion.If a scientist level great person recommends means I’m on the right way.Namaskar with best regards.

  9. Sir , i am 24 yrs old diagonosed with gall bladder stone 7mm & sludge . Dr advised me for surgery . Sir i am going through pain attack can u tell when is the perfect time to do gall bladder flush.

  10. Sir can u send me ebook of dr andreas moritz book . So that i can go through it

  11. I hv successfully completed my first gallbladder flush & passed multiple stones .I love the results which i get .Thank you so much sir , You are undoubtedly the greatest role model of all time. I admire all that you do, and I hope to follow in your footsteps. Your leadership has made me strive save me from surgery .I am truly blessed to have u as mentor in my difficult times …..💐💐💐💐💐💐

  12. The information you provide is very important as well as easy to make. Thank you very much sir for that.

  13. Hello Sir, I have 16 mm stone in my gallbladder. Can I go for liver flush. Please help me in this. I am little confused. Please help sir.

  14. Sir, Thank You for your guidance. Sir can u please send me ebook of Dr Andreas Moritz book so that I can go through it to clear my few other doubts.

  15. did you do the kidney cleanse prior to the flush? If so, what kind of kidney cleanse did you do? the kidney cleanse ingredients according to the book would be difficult to procure here in India…

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